Become a Corporate Partner

Whatever the size of your company, you can become a corporate partner. There are so many ways you can make a real difference to the lives of people affected by a brain tumour – along with their families.

Why Partner with Us?

​Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40.

By partnering with the Lewis Moody Foundation, your company can help change this shocking fact. The Foundation is 100% reliant on donations, so every penny raised really does count.

With your help, we can continue to fund projects that have a direct impact on people with a brain tumour. As a Corporate Partner, you’ll help us fund projects that include:

  • The life-saving HeadSmart campaign, which has so far helped to reduce childhood diagnosis times from over 13 weeks to 6.5 weeks.
  • Family Days for those affected by brain tumours. In the last three years, we’ve funded ten Family Days for more than 400 people across the UK. These provide a lifeline for families, and a chance for those affected to enjoy themselves out of hospital.
  • A ground-breaking new research project into adult brain tumours, which will inform a new awareness campaign built around early diagnosis.

But that’s not all…

There’s so much more to achieve. And a charity partnership with us gives your company the opportunity to tackle what’s known as a cancer of unmet need – one that has, at best, limited treatment options available. When you work with us, you know your support genuinely makes a significant difference.

How it Works

We tailor each partnership to suit your needs – making your help more meaningful. Fundraising is extremely important, but we always explore the various ways you can get involved.

Whether you volunteer your time and talents, give a Gift in Kind, sponsor an event or raise awareness of our HeadSmart campaign, we place huge value on other ways of giving back. Plus, we’re here to lend a hand when it comes to engaging and motivating your colleagues.

An additional perk is that partnership with the Lewis Moody Foundation offers excellent PR opportunities. Lewis’s personal involvement with the Foundation also allows for the development of positive ongoing relationships.

It’s only by working together that we can make a difference to those affected by this devastating disease. If your workplace wants to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.

Please get in touch at [email protected] or call us on 01252 749043.