Sponsor Lewis Moody on his next big challenge

You don’t have to take on a charity challenge to make a difference. You can sponsor Lewis Moody on his mission to tackle brain tumours – helping him raise funds for awareness, research and family support.

Check out the challenges he’ll be facing soon:

The Extreme Amazon Survivor Challenge 2022

Postponed from 2021, Lewis Moody and Tom Croft will be heading into the Amazon Jungle with a brave team of 15, in an attempt to become jungle survivors. Trekking many kilometres through dense jungle and canoeing down the Amazon River through the largest rainforest on earth, each day will be a test of both their physical and mental endurance, as they battle with the humidity and terrain to reach base camps.

A steep learning curve will face the team on this 10 day challenge. As they start their journey, the guides will be their life support  but after battling through the jungle each day, they’ll gradually have to learn how to build fires, hammocks and their own campsites, along with developing their skills to track, catch and forage for their own food, in order to survive.

On this epic challenge, Lewis and his team will push themselves out of their comfort zones to become self sufficient jungle survivors!

With the incredible aim to raise over £40,000 to help tackle brain tumours, any support you can offer will make a huge difference to those affected by a brain tumour. Support the team today: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/LMFamazonchallenge

The South Africa Challenge (date TBC)

Bringing together our love of rugby and the chance for an epic challenge, Lewis will be taking a team of 20 out to South Africa for a unqiue Lions Tour Challenge!

Our exciting and diverse event will see Lewis cycling along the Garden Route in South Africa for the first 3 days of this demanding adventure. With some beautiful scenery on route, it is certainly rewarding, but will test his abilities as they attempt to complete over 200km in 3 days! Jumping off the bikes near Cape Town, Lewis and the team will then take on 2 days of trekking, covering 20km each day, with the incredible summit of Table Mountain in their sights

After conquering this epic challenge, the team will be rewarded for all their hard efforts, with the chance to watch the second Lions Rugby Test Match live in Cape Town! With an aim to raise £60,000 to help those affected by a brain tumour, anything you can do to support the team would be greatly appreciated. To sponsor Lewis today, get in touch: [email protected]