PNET 5 Clinical Trial

Funding Research to Change Lives

Many children with brain tumours will live the rest of their lives with the life-limiting side effects from aggressive chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments. This can include loss of balance, blindness or severe problems with hearing.

The Lewis Moody Foundation is proud to be funding PNET 5, a pioneering clinical trial that aims to tailor treatments for children – improving quality of life while maintaining positive survival effects. This trial could have a life-changing impact for many children.

How the PNET 5 Trial Works

Under the PNET 5 trial, children with a medulloblastoma brain tumour undergo a biomarker test to see how aggressive their treatment needs to be. Those with a lower-risk tumour are then treated with a reduced dose of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which has less of an impact on their overall quality of life.

The trial is a vital piece of research, but it costs £2,000 for each biomarker test – which is why we’re raising funds to cover this.

The Foundation relies 100% on voluntary donations. By raising money for us, you can help us support families living with the devastating effects that brain tumours and current treatment plans often have.

Alex’s Story

“The side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment are brutal, and the long-term effects can often have a severe impact on quality of life,” explains Anthea whose son, Alex, became one of the first UK patients to join the PNET 5 trial when he was just four years old. “That’s why we agreed for Alex to take part in this trial; any research that can help us get closer to a cure, while reducing the long-term effects, has got to be worth it for Alex and for future generations.”